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    About Us

    About Us

    We are a dynamic international company with wide market coverage and technical staff dedicated to help our customers in each place, no matter how remote, incorporating technologies, equipment and spare parts from our international suppliers.

    Supporting factories and our customers by providing the installation and post sales services.

    Our Work

    We have two large areas:

    • Electric power generation

      Thermal Generation

      We supply generation equipment (turbines and generators), and their parts or spare parts, and also services. Due to the wide range of represented in addition to the tubrogroup we also supply the auxiliary turbine equipment, and the equipment of the BOP (Balance of Plant). We provide gas turbines derived from the aeronautical sector (aeroderivatives), heavy duty industrial gas turbines, and steam turbines.

      Hydroelectric Generation

      In the hydroelectric generation division we work in the different types of turbine (Pelton, Kaplan, Francis), in electric generators and auxiliary services.

      Wind Generation

      Our principal issue is the supply and maintenance services of the gearboxes, the blade maintenance services, and to a lesser extent the work on electric generators are mainly carried out.

    • Big industries

      This area provides to its customers involving engineering, automation and control, innovation, and equipment supply including pumping systems, valves, gearboxes, among others, providing technical service, installation and subsequent maintenance services.



    • Uruguay


    • Argentina


    • Perú


    • Bolivia


    • Colombia


    • Chile


    • Ecuador