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    Innovation is part of our DNA, it motivate us to offer our customers a new way to improve the operation and efficiency of their facilities.

    We highlight the application of Drones with AI (Artificial Intelligence), 100% autonomous for industrial use.

    General Functions

    • Security and patrimonial monitoring of all facilities
    • Thermographic camera with precision to detect anomalies or dangerous deviations
    • Inspection of towers, chimneys and full 3d scanning of both production areas and warehouses for raw materials and finished products. avoiding exposing individuals to heights or dangerous areas
    • Detection of gas and oil lichen
    • 100% autonomous, fly manually from the software
    • Software with algorithms which performs image processing to predict future anomalies.
    • Input of 3d Maps for real-time project tracking
    • AI - With each flight, the intelligence manages to learn and store information, which allows the drone to know better the facilities to be able to prevent anomalies

    This technology allows our customers to boost their operations, achieving large-scale savings and improving their efficiency.

    The Percepto drone is already operating in important thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric power generation plants and in mining sites in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.


    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us, we will contact you asap
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