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    We supply free shaft end pumps or complete equipment (pump + coupling + motor + base + seal plan)

    We supply spare parts, assembly, alignment, preventive maintenance and repair services.

    We include staff training in teams. We have experience pumping equipment up to 2000 Kwh (2 MWh).

    Our company has engineers, mechanics and workshop personnel specialized in the maintenance of almost all types of pumps. We carry out the supply and assembly of the equipment. We have experience in maintenance of circulation pumps of 16,000 m3 / h, and boiler feed pumps with pressures of 150 bar.

    We work in generation industries, in refinery, in paper, chemical, dairy, and industry in general.

    Supply of fire equipment with UL / FM certificate.

    Supply of fuel pumping equipment under API certificate.


    Some of the main types of pumps we provide:

    • Process pumps
    • Pumps In-line with variable / fixed speed
    • Bombas de proceso
    • Refinery pumps, API 610 and API 674/676
    • NFPA20 and EN12845 fire pumps
    • Standardized pumps / monobloc / fixed and variable speed
    • Hygienic pumps for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
    • Hot water pumps / Thermal oils
    • Booster pumping system
    • Standard chemical pumps
    • Pumps for charged fluids / positive displacement pumps
    • Pumps with high solids content
    • Pumps to desalinate seawater by reverse osmosis
    • Split chamber pumps
    • Pumps without sealing
    • Pumps for conventional energy production
    • Fixed / variable speed high pressure pumps
    • Circulation pumps / Services for hot water, fixed speed
    • Drainage pumps / Sewage pumps
    • Lifting units / collecting tanks
    • Submersible electric pumps
    • Submersible pumps in pipeline installations
    • Submersible pumps for deep wells
    • Self-priming pumps


    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us, we will contact you asap
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